Essentially Australia Pineapple Myrtle 12ml

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Pineapple Myrtle® essential oil is Australia’s newest essential oil, it is only available from Essentially Australia, we found it, tested and researched it, propagated it, planted it out, harvest it and now after over 8 long years, we have it available to purchase.

Pineapple Myrtle® makes people feel happy, refreshed and uplifted. The aroma is initially uplifting like Lemon Myrtle, followed by an array of fruity aromas of pineapple, banana, fruit salad, citrus with a very gentle, nice floral note. It is not a blend but a unique essential oil from a very rare Australian plant, Greg Trevena found in 2014.  It will freshen a home or room and it appeals to men and women.