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Bright Botanical Alps

Arnica & Rosemary Healing Massage oil

Arnica & Rosemary Healing Massage oil

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Formulated by a qualified clinical Aromatherapist.

A 100% natural Facial Serum infused with carefully selected essential oils and botanicals to give the skin a healthy glow. 

Key ingredients: 

  • Arnica oil boost circulation and speed up the healing process. Arnica has traditionally been used to reduce inflammatory pain and swelling associated with muscles aches, pulls, sprain, bruises and arthritis. 
  • Hemp oil has amazing anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties. It is used to replenish the skin and protect against cellular damage. 
  • Spike Lavender essential oil has been selected for its comforting smell and therapeutic properties. In Aromatherapy it is used to alleviate burnt, chapped skin. It helps stimulates the immune system and alleviate nerve pain. 
  • Rosemary Camphor essential oil has a wonderful earthy fresh aroma. In Aromatherapy it is used as a muscle relaxant and to boost circulation to help  treat muscular pain, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, rheumatic pain and contractures. 

Ingredients list: Jojoba oil*, Sweet Almond oil*, Hemp oil*, Arnica infused oil*, Natural Vitamin E., Wild Lavender essential oil*, Rosemary essential oil*, Spike Lavender essential oil*. * Denotes Organic 

How to use: Smooth a small amount on skin area such as legs, arms and body

For all skin types. 

Precautions: In the unlikely event skin irritation occurs cease use immediately.

As our products contain essential oils and botanicals we always recommend doing a patch test before use. 

For external use only. Store below 30° and away from direct sunlight. Do not use during on children under 12, during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding. 

Handcrafted in small batches in the Australian Alps using organic, natural and ethically sourced ingredients.  

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