Our Story


As a qualified massage and aromatherapy practitioner I believe in providing quality services using a holistic approach to health and wellbeing to address specific individual needs.

Growing up in the beautiful French countryside of la Drôme amongst the stunning mountains, rivers and lavender fields of the south I was imbued with a strong appreciation for nature and the natural world.

I was strongly influenced by my mother’s background as a nurse and her love for aromatherapy and natural healing. She taught me from a very young age to appreciate the power of plants and essential oils and its positive impact on our health and wellbeing.

BotanicAlps is born from a passion for botanicals, essential oils and healthy living.

It is also the story of my French heritage and my love for the beautiful Australian continent.

I still remember my first year traveling around Australia and experiencing the unfamiliarity of the landscape. 

I couldn’t recognise any of the trees and plants of my childhood and the big Eucalyptus trees seemed so intimidating and silent to me.

But as I grew my roots here, discovering with fascination the richness that the flora offered, I slowly and inexorably fell in love.

My love for native botanicals and resources is now a key aspect of the way I formulate my products and the way I approach aromatherapy and health.

The spectacular Alpine region of Victoria provides the inspiration needed to formulate a range of unique botanical skincare products that offers a wonderful eco-friendly, health-friendly, cruelty free, toxic free and locally made alternative.  

Through the Aroma Apothecary we formulate natural skincare products and remedies to address each person’s need. 

Our focus and passion is to source the best quality ingredients, essential oils, raw materials and botanicals, local and organic when possible.  We only want "le meilleur" (the best) for you.