Clinical Aromatherapy


Clinical aromatherapy is a complementary medicine using an holistic approach to health and focuses on the enhancement of wellbeing and quality of life in a system of self-responsibility.

It is a consultation-based approach that will provide you with a treatment plan using aromatherapy techniques and lifestyle recommendations. After consultation advice can be provided on the of use of personalised aromatherapy products made by the clinician in our Aroma Apothecary.  

A trained aromatherapy practitioner will offer a consultation and use aromatic plant compounds and other mediums such as carrier oils, gels, clay powders and floral waters to make up unique, individualised preparations and remedies based on the pharmacological actions and psychotherapeutic action of essential oils and plants. 

Our Aroma Apothecary has a range of creams, oils, gels, sprays and blends available for you to purchase.