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Herb & Lunar Botanics

Herb & Lunar Botanics Incense - Weavers broom & Patchouli

Herb & Lunar Botanics Incense - Weavers broom & Patchouli

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Weavers broom & Patchouli

Grounding and woody Makkho, the resinous and ancient scent of Frankincense, earthy and creamy scent of W.A. Sandalwood and the honey scent with subtle tobacco notes of Weavers Broom EO ( a flower/weed invasive nature in certain regions like Southeastern Australia, California, Hawaii and Central Chile) and depth and smokiness of Patchouli EO.


— Comes with 10 hand crafted incense sticks.

— Comes wrapped in Natural Nepalese Lokta Paper and hemp cord twine.

— Each scented part of stick is 11cm. Total length of stick is 12cm.

— Each stick may vary in appearance due to its hand made nature.

— Burn time is 50 mins but may vary depending on your environment.

Ensure windows are open when you have incense going.

— No synthetic fragrance. Chemical free. All natural materials. Individually hand crafted.

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